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How to Invest with MFC

·         Buy investment units and pay for subscription
o    Complete subscription order form
o    Attach a copy of Bill Payment or Pay-in form paid at the bank
o    Submit those forms to MFC by 3.30 pm on the transaction day (In case of Smart Tele,transactione order must be submitted to MFC by 3.00 pm)
o    How to pay for subscription order
§ At the bank’s counter (Bill Payment/Pay-in)
§ Direct Debit (from your bank account)
§ ATM or Internet Banking
o    The banks that are of service for receiving your subscription order


o    After you buy investment funds with MFC, you will receive the Statement of Holding by mail within 5 business days. You would also get the Statement of Subscription, Redemption, and Outstanding Units twice yearly (or monthly if you wish and inform MFC so)
·         Sell investment units and receive redemption money
o    Complete redemption order form
o    Submit the form to MFC by cut-off time on the transaction day
o    Ways to get your redemption proceeds
§ Cash direct through your bank account (that you give information to MFC once opening an account); please allow a day or so for cheque-clearing in case of different bank transfers
§ Get an A/C payee only cheque directly from MFC by registered mail
·         Switch investment units
o    Complete switching order form
o    Submit the form to MFC by cut-off time on the transaction day
o    Switching of LTF or RMF funds can be done only within the same type
o    Switching from and to other MFC funds is available all fund except MGE and SSB
·         Sell to buy other MFC investment units
o    Complete redemption order form for switch-from fund and subscription order form for switch-to fund
o    Submit both forms to MFC by cut-off time on the transaction day
·         Regular buying plan
o    Complete a regular investment plan form; together with request for direct debit form
o    Submit the forms to MFC, allow us to proceed the request about 2-4 weeks and we will then inform you of the result
o    Available only with LTF, RMF, and Smart Wealth Solution funds
For more information, please call MFC Contact Center at 02 649 2000 press 0

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